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viaFrance has been going strong for 15 years. It is the leading B2B culture and tourism content publisher in France, with 70 major clients including many well-known travel and consumer brands, such as ACCOR, AIR FRANCE, EUROSTAR, LECLERC, and KINDER.
Since 2002, the company’s webservices have continued to evolve: it now offers the most advanced webservices on the market, in order to provide its clients with a highly developed marketing and digital strategy.

viaFrance offers applications (API XML, JSON, etc.) which allow for simple, yet highly flexible publication across all mediums (PC, mobile and tablet) in line with your ergonomic and graphic constraints. These applications rely on a platform of double servers that guarantee high availablilty and fast response times all around the globe.

Each type of content has its own dedicated API (Application Programming Interface): Get Event (for events), Get Place (for places), Get City (for city descriptions), etc. These content types are dynamically linked via the APIs, and they enable easy integration (in 2 days) of this content into your web pages or mobile applications.

These APIs allow you to choose parameters according to 16 different criteria: geographic location, price, target age range, mood (zen, trendy, etc.) and using research criteria, with sort and display functions which offer freedom and flexibility when publishing the content on your web pages.

Below are some examples of integrated content:

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