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Vannes is a port town on the Gulf of Morbihan in the centre of the western coastline. It is a magical spot where sea, land and sky blend in ever-changing, stunning landscapes.

Once the seat of the Breton parliament, Vannes has successfully kept the vestiges of its rich history alive. Explore the 1 500 year-old ramparts and prison gateway, the Saint-Patern quarter (the oldest of the town), the Saint-Pierre cathedral, the Château-Gaillard, and the multitide of half-timbered houses and the town hall designed by architect Amand Charier.

The marina, one of the busiest on the whole Breton coastline, is ...Read more

Events in Vannes


Vannes - Béziers, rugby, Pro D2

Friday, December 20 2019
Stade de La Rabine

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