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Content producer

viaFrance is a producer and publisher of content which has specialised in event listings since 1999.

Since it was founded, viaFrance has pursued its mission to produce relevant content with a strong SEO strategy, translated into 10 languages, and to promote its clients’ brands via social media and using the latest attractive and unusual up-to-date content.

With strong digital marketing expertise (a dedicated SEO, SMO and CRM team), viaFrance offers :

  • -   Local, geo-located content: event listings agenda, top suggestions, product offers. This content can be produced exclusively tailored for your brand, or syndicated according to the main issues (SEO – specific content versus CRM – qualified content by volume, for example)
  • -   Recommended places, updated each week, in over 1,000 destinations throughout France
  • -   Themed trip ideas: seaside walks, family adventure trips, weekends with children under 6, etc.
  • -   Unique descriptions of cities, departments, regions, toursit areas, countries, biographical information for famous people, hotel details, etc.

Using viaFrance’s content applications, you can diffuse your content across all formats and media, and adapt it to your marketing needs without developing a CMS.

For example, you can :

  • -   Display all free events
  • -   Sort events by distance, from the closest to the furthest away
  • -   Within an event listing page, make the categories and sub-categories clickable
  • -   And so on.

All content is geo-located and events are linked to ticketing services (Fnac, Arrival Guides, etc.), which are dynamically updated with no need for action on your part.

viaFrance develops, produces and integrates content, optimising SEO and SMO strategies thanks to specialised digital marketing teams in house.

viaFrance is always collecting the latest news and information, and offers dedicated Twitter and Facebook feeds featuring content which has been specifically tailored for you, adapted to your chosen target audience and to the chosen media. Every week, the editorial team sifts through the latest news to find the most relevant listing, the best photo, in order to promote attractive content across social media, for your brand.

The latest content can also take the form of “special files” - themed editorial selections - such as :

  • -   Summer festivals
  • -   Cafes with sunny outside areas
  • -   Easter family trip ideas
  • -   The latest trendy restaurants and bars
  • -   Fine dining spots
  • -   Shopping hotspots in London
  • -   And so on.

A few examples of the special files online at the moment :