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On the Loire Valley's doorstep, Juliomagus (magus: Gaulish market), or Angers, is the former-capital of Anjou. Dominating the town, its fortress-castle is a powerful mark of former-glory - Angers was the capital of a kingdom stretching from England to Gascony under the Plantagenets. The château houses one of the most famous tapestries in the world: the Apocalypse Tapestry.

Events in Angers

©  Jean Sébastien Evrard

Angers Château, visit

From Sunday, June 25 2017 to Monday, December 31 2018
Angers Château


Angers - Olympique Marseille, football, Ligue 1

Saturday, December 22 2018
Stade Raymond Kopa

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Angers Cathedral, visit

Light effects created by stained glass windows.
All year long
Angers cathedral of St Maurice