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Top quality copywriters and editors

Our copywriters are all expert level, handpicked during a strict assessment process. They are evaluated for their style and language abilities, (as well as being tested with a general knowledge quiz, grammar and spelling test) and are appraised for their expertise in certain subjects. Our editors are also evaluated for their reliability over time and their work is assessed by our clients. All editorial team members (both internal and external) are subject to quarterly assessment tests and they are monitored and evaluated by our quality control teams as well as by our clients.

Our writers are classed by level (1, 2, 3, etc.) and must pass tests in order to attain the level above. The price per word may vary depending on the level of expertise and skill of the different writers assigned to each client.


The price of content production is assessed based on whether it is:

For example, if you wish to create a pre-travel newsletter, you could opt for access to our database of event and place listings (with over 20,000 active listings) rather than opting to have unique content created just for your brand. For this kind of service, costs can be extremely well streamlined in the form of an annual subscription enriched with webservices. This will allow you to integrate our contents into your systems quickly and easily, without needing to modify your existing IT system.

The team

We value people who are energetic, professional and trustworthy; people who have great recommendations as well as a flair for technology and digital creativity. Each of our employees and contributors has these qualities. Our people are important to us: they offer our clients the best possible service and content quality, respecting the extremely high standard we set for ourselves each day.